The custom-made mat is not only a decorative and customizable element but also a real technical material that will maintain hygiene and ensure the safety of your building. Indeed, the welcome mat has a role of the utmost importance in any place open to the public, whether in terms of efficiency, robustness, utility but also aesthetics. This is why today we will highlight why aluminum mat is the essential material in buildings.


Analyze daily traffic

To choose the right floor mat according to the traffic, it is imperative to obtain a technical report of the different welcome mats that you have selected. Note the functions you want: moisture absorption, dirt removal, for interior / exterior, thickness, the resistance to special products… A lot of things come into play. If you estimate your daily traffic to be several hundred passages, a rigid aluminum entrance mat will be perfect. This mat is made of very high in resistance aluminum profiles. In addition, it has non-slip and absorbent properties helping to protect the public.


Adapt the welcome mat to the public

Any place welcoming a public must respect accessibility rules. It is necessary to ensure that your mat adapts perfectly to the passages of people with reduced mobility (wheelchair…). The rigid surface of an aluminum mat is strongly recommended.


Choose a floor mat that matches your interior

For sober but chic and extremely efficient entrances, entrance mats in aluminum structure seem to be the solution! There are several kinds of coverings that slip into your aluminum floor mat: reps, brush, rubber, exterior… there is something for all requirements.

Some coverings like the Alu Klassik Exzellent mat are used for the interior. Its main advantages are its moisture absorption and its extreme resistance. Its different thicknesses (from 10mm to 27mm) will adapt to all kind of floors. Its fibers are refined and will conform to all interiors (shops, residences, etc.).

For effective dirt removal, the Alu Klassik Exterior mat is amazing ! It has a rough texture and will retain all external substances to keep a clean environment when your customers arrive. Due to its excellent quality and resistance to sunlight, its lifespan is very important. Make all your customers’ desires come true by producing the geometric shapes of their choice. In this way, you will protect their ground and bring an original touch to their entrance!


Maintain the entrance mat

Obviously, a mat cannot be completely clean because its primary function is to collect all the dirt generated by the footsteps of each person. The more dirt it collects, the cleaner the floor that follows will be and will require very little maintenance. In order to maintain its durability and aesthetics, you will need to vacuum it regularly. For this, we recommend that you use a brush vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is vacuum the mat, then lift that recessed mat and clean the pit.

Placing a good entrance mat will save up to 65% of the costs associated with daily floor maintenance and enhance safety by preventing falls. Aluminum mats are a great choice for outdoors or indoors. They have real dirt removal functions and are very easy to clean. This is why they should be placed strategically in the direction of traffic as not all visitors will automatically wipe their shoes.