Whether they are covered with wood, natural stone, concrete or tiles, the terraces always add something to a building. Terraces with tiles are easier to maintain and better resistant to extreme weather. Unfortunately, detachment and cracks are the most common incidences observed on this type of terrace, usually due to the installation or the quality of the product.


One solution avoids these inconveniences: the installation of terrace tiles on pedestals.

Practical, they allow performance adapted in terms of shock resistance and durability while offering many advantages (appearance, dimensions, colours…)

Tiles on pedestals can be used for terraces, roof terraces, balconies, shopping centres or even surrounding swimming-pools.



Porcelanosa offers an outdoor raised access flooring system.

This system provides a perfectly flat and levelled floor with tiles, which hides and protects the drainage slopes and the installations under the floor thanks to height adjustable pedestals.

The water flows through the open joints between the tiles, then through the waterproof slopes of the terrace towards the drainage system.

The pedestals are made of PVC, weather resistant, with adjustable heights to support Porcelanosa tiles. They are composed of a large diameter base which distributes the weight on the substrate and compensates the slope of the floor, an adjustable body from 3 cm to 50 cm and a head with an anti-shock cushion pad for the reduction of noise and vibrations, and 4 spacers of 4mm which determine the distance between the tiles.

The pedestals are E-Class Fire resistance, frost resistance up to -40 ° and optional windproof clips for wind uplift resistance up to 333 kg/m2.

Many antislip Porcelanosa tiles are available for this system: collections in 60x60cm and wood effect tiles, all available in several colors.



  • Rain water is released from the slopes at the support level while the surface is perfectly flat
  • Eliminates maintenance requirements, typical of wood, natural stone or concrete panels
  • Easy access to facilities via removable tiles, for maintenance or repair of the waterproofing system
  • Improved thermal insulation of the building, produced by air circulation under the tiles, reducing vapour condensation.
  • Reduction of noise transmission
  • Faster and more economical installation than other systems
  • Reduction of weight
  • Extends the life of waterproofing systems
  • Option to add metal clips for resistance to strong wind



CSTB Certification

In 1959, the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment created the UPEC classification for floor coverings according to 4 criteria (Wear, Punch, Water, Chemistry) in order to identify them and to enable users to find a floor adapted to the requirements and specifications of a building.

In order to adapt itself to the market evolution, the UPEC classification has recently been improved by new criteria: D+ (Dimension) option for very large tiles and F+ (Flexion) option which validates the safety (shock resistance) and durability of thick tiles intended for installation on pedestals.

Since September 2020, Porcelanosa has obtained this new F+ certification from the CSTB for the use of tiles on waterproofing solutions for the Bottega Acero and Bottega Caliza collections: rectified concrete effect tiles 59,5×59,5cm, 20mm thick, breaking load greater than 1000kg.