Sunworker SWK6 is the leading textile solution for visual, thermal and acoustic comfort. Based on a Rachel Trameur-type weave support, it enjoys excellent mechanical resistance. Its regular grain and micro-perforated structure gives it a transparent aspect that filters light and solar heat. Compliant with various European flame-retardant standards (M1, B1, Clase1), it is a key textile solution for public spaces.



Optimal balance between thermal and visual comfort guaranteed.

  • Thermal comfort: building energy efficiency

As a natural air-conditioner, SWK6 is an essential building block to achieving the objectives set by COP21. It is perfectly adapted to the service and residential sectors for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Rejects up to 94% of heat in summer, reducing the need for air conditioning
  • Cuts heating costs in winter


Visual comfort: user well-being

The 6% opening coefficient of SWK6:

  • Controls glare
  • Offers excellent visual contact with the outside while protecting privacy inside
  • Optimizes incoming natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting


Maximum resistance: a fabric that stands the test of time

The thinnest and lightest screen fabric on the market, SWK6 offers 5 x the tear propagation resistance of fiberglass.



SWK6: micro-perforated fabric for stretched ceilings, walls and panels.

Acoustic comfort

  • SWK6 is an acoustic fabric that can be used alone or with an acoustic absorber for optimal results under most operating conditions.
  • Reducing reverberation and absorbent at all frequencies, SWK6 provides effective sound correction for a complete range of needs.


Versatile: a fabric that stands the test of time

  • Welded or sewn, with excellent esthetic and acoustic qualities, SWK6 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Adapted to all architectural fabric uses, SWK6 easily fits any specific size, shape or dimension.
  • Regular and available in a range of colors, SWK6 comes in two widths, 150 cm and 300 cm, to ensure a homogeneous arrangement for prescribers.
  • SWK6 fabric is fully printable with the designs of your choice.



  •  SWK6 has a Rachel Trameur construction. Fully resistant to tearing, it is the ideal solution for all high-traffic and public-use environments.
  • SWK6 can be installed with any type of perforation and penetration, such as sprinklers, lighting fixtures and suspensions, with zero-risk of distortion. It is also impact resistant.



SWK6 INK: the ideal micro-perforated technical fabric for printing.

Your substrate of choice for all visual communication projects

  • White color adapted to printing for optimal color and contrast reproduction
  • Double-sided varnished fabric to facilitate ink spread and adhesion and guarantee long-lasting print resistance for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 300-cm width adapted to Super Wide Format printers.
  • Fabric adapted to a range of inkjet printing technologies including latex, UV and eco-solvent.


Versatile: SWK6 INK is suitable for use on a wide range of substrates

  • Vertical blinds
  • Acoustic panels
  • Stretched wall
  • Stretched ceiling

SWK6 INK is customizable and guarantees customers thermal, visual or acoustic comfort depending on the system used.