Bolon is a Swedish design company known worldwide for its woven vinyl flooring for spaces that accommodate the public as well as private spaces. The world leader in woven vinyl flooring, Bolon is the inventor and pioneer of this unique flooring of extreme strength.
The brand has developed unique flooring of unequaled quality both in the complexity of warp and weft weaving, as well as in the choice of different vinyl thread.
Bolon bases its identity on the design of high-end decoration products inspired by innovation, creativity, quality and respect for the environment.


New acoustic backing 21 -22 db

Innovation plays an important role in the family company.
In 2021, BOLON strengthens its leadership in the flooring sector and launches its new silent and responsible environmental acoustic backing. This unique backing allows a reduction in impact noise from 21 dB to 22 dB. Made from PET bottles and recycled production waste, the sound insulation backing consists of up to 90% recycled polyester fibres from used polyester bottles. With the production waste used in the support backing, the total percentage of recycled materials is greater than 25%. On the other hand, in the continuity of Bolon’s eco-responsible approach, the production process is 100% climate-neutral.

Acoustics is now the new standard and increases the quality of the interior space, allows less noise disturbance between floors, and provides a more subdued environment. This backing offers a real acoustic choice for high traffic areas such as offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.
The acoustic floor backing is barely 5 mm thick and can be combined with other non-acoustic woven floor.

Bolon acoustic backing do not compromise in terms of durability, fire and water resistance, warranty or overall performance. The properties of the acoustic coating remain identical to those of the general range of Bolon floor coverings. On the contrary, it adds to the list of unique features offered by Bolon coatings while being comfortable to walk.

The collection is available as follows : 21 dB for the collections of Use Class 33 (Graphic, Silence, Diversity, Create, Artisan, Elements, Bolon By You, Bolon By Jean Nouvel Design, Missoni Home) and 22 dB for the collections of Use Class 32 (Botanic, Ethnic, Bkb, Now, Flow).
The product exists today in tiles 50 cm x 50 cm and in rolls for the year 2021 with the possibility of removable laying for tiles.

With this acoustic innovation, BOLON anticipates the market requirements and the needs of architects. Visit for more information about the Bolon collections and their numerous decorative solutions.