Perfect for saving space, the Clairazur Swim Deck sliding floor will perfectly fit into your garden and will add value. The sliding floor will transform your outdoor living space into a huge terrace!

In business for almost 30 years, Clairazur is now a well-recognized and trusted organization in its area and is considered a pioneer in the hot tub and swim spa market. Clairazur is continuously growing and evolving. Clairazur is able to put forth new wellness products on the market each year by keeping innovation as one of its main focus, positioning them as the leader in the industry.
As a wellness specialist, Clairazur offers an extensive range of high-end equipment for your individual needs and for professional use.


The perfect way to save place

The Swim Deck is a perfect solution to create more spaces when your hot tubs or swim spa is not being used. It allows you to save space while preserving your garden appearance.

Your hot tubs will then be secured and isolated when you are not using it. Very convenient, there is no need to move all your outdoor furniture once the hot tub is uncovered.

Beyond the innovation, the quality of the materials used will add character to your outdoor living space. This constant quality is the result of joint work between our Design Office and our R&D department.

Customizable, the Swim Deck is available in different wood colors and adapts to all our models of Clairazur acrylic or mosaic hot tubs and swim spa.


Easy to use

Specific sliding rails allow a smooth opening and closing of the Swim Deck. Handling is easily carried out by one person and without special efforts. In a few seconds, the Swim Deck will change your living space. A solar motor is available as an option to facilitate its installation.



Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to have a huge garden to invest in a hot tub or swim spa. The current trend is even to renovate large swimming pools into a swim spa. The sliding floor is THE 2021 trend, in a context where well-being at home has become a priority.

When you are no longer swimming, your swim spa is completely closed, insulated and secured. You can then take full advantage of the space on your terrace for a large family barbecue or to set up a dance floor during a party! The Swim Deck will also preserve the quality of your water as your pool will be covered. Your water will remain clean, easy to maintain, water evaporation will be less and it will keep its temperature for longer.