EDILTECO launches the SCREED XXs, a ready to use mortar for all types of flooring. Weight saving of 50% comparing to a traditional screed !

The screed XXs insulates any type of existing surface of appartement buildings and houses, in new or renovating buildings.

XXs is lightweight, thanks to the virgin eps beads, coated by EIA additive (diameter 2-3 mm). The mixture density – 1200 kg/m3 – is twice as light as a traditional screed and requires a minimum thickness of 1 cm for direct application on concrete and 2 cm on wooden support with separation layer.

Reduced waiting time for walkability : 24 hours on ceramic floors, 36 hours on carpeting, 48 hours on floating parquet. Its lightness does not reduce its strength : XXs is reinfornced with fibres and has high mechanical properties.

Its easy application allows to realize adhesive or separating screeds, lightweight and thermal insulating self-levelling screeds, gradient formation, impact sound insulation.

For more information, please visit the EDILTECO website.