Med Twist, the exclusive modular and customizable bioclimatic pergola, allows you to enjoy outdoor spaces at any time regardless of the season, lighting and weather conditions.

Enhancing outdoor spaces both at residential houses and in areas dedicated to hospitality is a trend that has been more and more important in the last few years. Having outdoor environments with a strong visual impact that’s equipped for being functional and usable in every season allows a new interpretation for the potential of outdoor areas.

Gibus, a leading company in high-end Outdoor Design, has met the requirements of this trend and has proposed a series of exclusive products to live under the sun all year round. One of these products is Med Twist included in a constantly expanding range of products, a modular and customizable bioclimatic pergola that stands apart for its efficiency, character and design.

med twist gibus

Characterized by a sturdy structure of extruded powder coated aluminum, Med Twist is equipped with an innovative adjustable blade covering that can rotate from 0 to 120°, allowing you to manage the air flow and direct sunlight while providing protection in the event of rain. The configuration of Med Twist allows you to immerse yourself completely in nature and the outdoors every day of the year. The blades are controlled by a remote control but their rotation can be also automatically enabled thanks to the rain, wind and snow sensors integrated in the structure.

This essential and exclusive pergola is the ideal hi-tech solution to optimize the micro-climate of an outdoor area and it is characterized by cutting-edge technologies. Gibus has always been a pioneer in innovation and so they have equipped Med Twist with the most advanced patents: Twist Motion, the elegant and synchronous rotation movement of the aluminum blades on the two side pivots for opening and closing the covering; Side Seal which ensures the perimetral insulation of the blades, resting on a seal along the internal edge and the total insulation from the outside environment; and, finally, Snow Melt, the heating system integrated in the blade surface that prevents the formation and snow accumulation on the covering.

Med Twist is made with attention to the smallest details and is equipped with  the Misting System, the steam nebulizing system,  integrated along the structure perimeter; the system’s patented nebulizing nozzles create a very thick mist that evaporates while quickly absorbing the heat of the surrounding environment.

Med Twist is also very versatile; it comes in the self-bearing version (with 4 or 6 posts) or leaned version against the wall (with 2 or 4 posts) or in the side version (2 or 3 posts). Thirty different paintings with different tones are available as well as the most evolved comforts and a series of accessories can be added to implement its performance such as glass doors, zip closures, heaters, audio installations and LED lighting systems that allow you to use the pergola all year round and at night.


bioclimatique pergola

The new Gibus pergola stands out for the use of the most innovative technologies. While its accessories can be also controlled with a remote control while near the pergola, it can also be controlled remotely with an app for home automatic control, allowing you to switch on the LED lighting system with white or colored lights or activate the heaters. The audio installation can be managed by the music player you prefer (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music…), thanks to a Bluetooth connection with the loudspeakers integrated in the blades. Since January 2020, like all the Gibus bioclimatic pergolas,  Med Twist has also been equipped with another added value: the USB access that will allow you to recharge devices outdoors while you are comfortably laying under your pergola.

Med Twist is the result of Gibus’s great dedication to research and it has a one-of-a kind character that can be harmoniously integrated into the most varied natural and architectonic contexts. Thanks to its pure and fashionable design, Med twist makes any outdoor area more precious and creates an external space that is cozy and thrilling, cool and surprising, glamourous and unforgettable.