Building on the brand’s expertise, contemporary vision and strong design sensibility, this range takes a fresh approach to flooring.


Dickson Woven Flooring collection

The Dickson Woven Flooring collection offers an unrivalled choice of patterns, materials and textures, along with a range of unique new colors. The collection rounds out Dickson’s designer offering and lends it a strong and distinctive identity. Owing to their innovative and original stylistic effects, jacquards and new colors have been added for an enhanced graphic and designer esthetic. This resolutely modern collection is composed of eight ranges.

Dickson woven range


Flooring for spaces with heavy footfall

Dickson flooring is designed for high-traffic areas of homes and businesses. Woven from revolutionary vinyl fibers, it is highly resistant to wear and tear. An innovative textile solution with an advanced design, it offers both convenience and stability – even in the most demanding environments. Dickson woven vinyl flooring is designed for heavy use (class 33) and has unique acoustic capacities (18 db).


The new Dickson flooring configurator,

The new Dickson flooring configurator, Dickson Flooring Project helps architects and designers create interior spaces by experimenting with flooring and modulating layouts.  Offices, hotels, homes – every space is unique. Just as each room presents a new challenge, so does the choice of furnishings and decoration. Delivering a highly realistic and unique 3D experience, this tool leverages digital technology for a top-drawer service. The flooring simulator is the first in the sector to include chromatic variations and ultra-realistic simulations.

Dickson flooring project

Dickson’s R&D department has produced a collection of flooring guaranteed zero-plasticizer and phthalate-free, top and bottom layer included. A company that respects the environment, users, air quality and indoor spaces, Dickson is committed to removing these controversial substances from its new collection as part of an eco-innovation approach compliant with the European REACH label.

Since we spend most of our time indoors, it is important we enjoy excellent interior air quality. The air we breathe in our homes or workplaces can affect our comfort and health, from inconvenient odors and eye and skin irritation to the worsening or development of pathologies such as respiratory allergies. Awarded Floorscore certification, Dickson flooring promotes good indoor air quality by controlling emissions of volatile organic compounds into the air.