Adapted to any sun protection system, INFINITY is available in four widths  – 165 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm and 320 cm – and 19 solids. It is woven with an exclusive resilient solution-dyed acrylic yarn for unbeatable stability in both warp and weft directions.

Sun protection fabrics are subject to daily mechanical stress from systems – motors, structures, zips and cables – and natural elements such as the wind, rain and snow.

Rising to this challenge, the Infinity range of extra-wide fabrics, coupled with the Dickson Resilient System, is now THE leading solution for all sun protection products.


A unique technology: Dickson Resilient System

DICKSON CONSTANT has developed an exclusive “resilient” acrylic yarn to control fabric elongation over time.

This yarn is used in the weft direction and corrects the warp/weft imbalance associated with all standard acrylic fabrics.

Since elongation under stress is controlled in both warp and weft directions, it has a significant impact on woven fabric.

INFINITY fabric guarantees dimensional stability year after year.


Sizeable benefits for all systems

1/ reduced waffling

Our extra-wide fabrics reduce seam frequency.

Benefit: reduced overthickness – a significant cause of folds and waffling


2/ controlled dimensional stability

Our Dickson Resilient System technology improves the dimensional stability of fabrics.

Benefit: limited elongation and associated bagging


3/ a fabric that can be used in both directions

INFINITY is a highly resilient fabric and can be worked in warp and weft directions, depending on assembly requirements.


  • Reduce production times
  • Optimize cutting
  • Achieve a premium, durable, and attractive result


4/ a multi-purpose fabric

Available in four widths – 165 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm and 320 cm – INFINITY adapts to any system, whatever its size.

Benefit: a versatile range for any application, including folding-arm awnings, vertical blinds, drop-arm awnings, Dutch canopies, shade sails, pergola roofs, umbrellas, and fixed awnings.


5/ no special installation requirements

INFINITY has the same weight and thickness as a standard fabric.

It adapts perfectly to your existing systems without the need for extra adjustments.

Benefit: immediate application