FRAMECAD Cold Formed Steel Manufacturing System Speeds Construction Process, Saves Money

It’s increasingly clear that traditional building techniques and materials can’t keep up with a growing worldwide demand to construct housing and commercial buildings more quickly and cost-effectively. Unpredictable troubles with labor, supplies, and weather delay projects and drive up budgets. And, prime space is being used up, pushing the need to work with large equipment on tiny urban footprints or to transport building infrastructure to more remote construction sites.

Innovation is driving solutions with cold formed steel (also known as light gauge steel) as an alternative or supplement to wood, conventional steel, and concrete. It’s an affordable, accessible, and versatile product suitable for a broad range of needs including beams, joists, roof trusses, and flooring. Powerful software enables and supports the design process allowing for more work to be done prior to being on-site improving efficiencies and reducing overall project time


Cold formed steel framing can easily be transported to distant locations from the factory or manufactured on-site. Because it’s lightweight, a smaller crew can assemble the components without heavy equipment. Frames are supplied pre-assembled with clear identification and ready to use without cutting or on-site welding.

During construction, steel frames do not absorb moisture reducing delays due to rain, snow, or excessive heat. Once in place, cold formed steel is strong enough to withstand storms and seismic activity, is impervious to termites, and offers superior fire resistance.




In Malmo, Sweden, cold formed steel, known for its energy efficiency and insulation properties, is also proving to be ideal for the rapid construction of housing to withstand cold winters. Using the FRAMECAD rolling system, developers were able to produce a 280 sqm main house and a 50 sqm guest house in just ten days.

Beyond the benefits of the material, cold formed steel allows for a flexible design-led manufacturing process that yields precise components with little waste. In addition to state-of-the-art roll forming equipment, the FRAMECAD system provides world-leading sophisticated design and engineering software that is incredibly accurate, reducing engineering costs and minimizing room for error on site. It’s the only system in the industry that combines design, engineering, and factory control software in one easy-to-use package.


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With the FRAMECAD design-led system, companies shift skills and expertise upstream and reduce the need for costly adjustments during construction. With enhanced design capabilities, they have more flexibility to test a multitude of designs to overcome specific challenges of various building sites. The software also checks designs against local building regulations for major markets reducing onsite issues. The design-led construction process also delivers greater accuracy. More than 25,000 engineering calculations can be completed in just seconds, improving engineering time by up to 80%.

Once the designs are complete, the pieces are made to exact measurements, saving time and eliminating costly waste during construction. The frames and components are produced and fabricated from steel coils and shaped at room temperature by roll forming machines. Each piece is clearly marked with identification for easy assembly.

The FRAMECAD design and build methodology provides for the rapid construction of quality buildings, delivering a faster return on investments and new business opportunities.