Beautiful, durable spaces for everyday life

Combining its long-standing heritage and traditional production methods with cutting-edge style, technology, and eco-friendly formulas, Farrow & Ball has proven its no-compromise credentials time and time again. Now, the British paint-maker is out to prove, yet again, that its customers really can have it all when it comes to what they’re putting on their walls.

The brand is best known for its Estate Emulsion paint, a distinctive chalky matt finish that gives what most consumers regard as the “signature” Farrow & Ball look. But perhaps its best-kept secret – until now – is its Modern Emulsion.

This washable and wipeable paint finish combines the sophisticated matt look that consumers love in Estate Emulsion with a whole host of practical benefits that make it perfectly suited to busy modern homes.

High-quality ingredients – including generous quantities of ultra-tough binder, resins, and responsibly sourced pigments – are tightly linked to create a smooth and durable paint surface. Under rigorous laboratory and blind consumer testing, it has been found to repel water-based staining agents and resist damage from knocks, scuffs, and scrapes, easily out-performing two near competitors from rival paint brands. It also contains a preservative that prevents the growth of mould on the paint surface.

But what does all this mean for your clients? Put simply, Modern Emulsion allows them to have the colours they love and the practicality their homes need without compromise on either. It can be used in any room of the home, from busy hallways and kids’ rooms to moisture-prone kitchens and bathrooms, so they can enlist your expertise to create a look they love, with the peace of mind that it’ll stay looking fresh for longer.

And Modern Emulsion has its advantages for the professional, too. Its ability to be used anywhere means easy ordering and sourcing for you – no specialist wall and ceiling finishes needed. It also has a balanced formula that remains well-mixed throughout application, making it wonderfully easy to use.



Suiting a generous application, the resin in the paint flows out and levels, allowing you to get the paint on the walls more quickly and with less risk of brush or roller marks. This gives an outstandingly smooth, even finish and rich depth of colour that both you and your clients can be proud of.

Plus, with Modern Emulsion’s eco-friendly water base – a feature of the entire Farrow & Ball paint since 2010 – it’s more comfortable to apply. Low in odour and VOCs, and certified child-safe in accordance with EU Toy Safety Standards, it’s even been awarded an A+ indoor air quality rating.

Finally, Modern Emulsion is available in every Farrow & Ball colour from both the company’s current collection and its extensive archive, giving your clients a wide range of looks to choose from.


To find out more about this remarkable finish, visit Farrow & Ball website . Or, for detailed application advice, see Farrow & Ball’s Product Advice Sheets, available online and in showrooms.