Delta Dore gives Building Management Systems (BMS) a new lease of life with its D-One solution. Built around a main idea: allowervice industry players to take control over their building, thanks to its core integrating BIM. Open and interoperable, it aggregates all building data, regardless of their origin or format. A genuine ally for managing one or more buildings closely and efficiently, generating financial gains and optimising your time.


A solution that revolutionises building management

Designed for managers of tertiary and industrial buildings, this unique and innovative solution fully meets Smart Building challenges. It embodies Delta Dore’s vision for the market. So this new generation solution enables managers to access all the building’s data from a single web platform while meeting all the needs for analysis, monitoring, diagnostics and automation, including predictive needs. Within Delta Dore’s global offer, D-One brings together all the layers of the architecture of a building control solution.


delta dore system


A new user experience

D-One provides the right information to the right person at the right time. In concrete terms, the solution simplifies the use of the building for all stakeholders (project owner, project manager, implementation, facility manager and occupants). All the data of the building and its technical equipment (data from the BIM model, documentation, automation, third-party information systems, documentation, history and archives) are aggregated in one point. Major innovation: an intelligent search engine enables to find information quickly and easily!

This flexible and scalable solution is also open and interoperable. So, D-One is the first BMS solution to integrate and interact with the BIM model, which makes it possible to visualise the building’s activity in 3D and to act quickly on the installation if it malfunctions. It also interfaces with third-party information systems, thus becoming part of the Ready2Services (R2S) approach of Smart Buildings Alliance. The combination of the main technologies implemented in D-One, which are the BIM integration, the data aggregation and the visualisation of the entire technical infrastructure, offers a new and original user experience!


A solution to perpetuate investments

D-One acts on the biggest expense of a building: the exploitation. As a reminder, the design and construction represent 20% of its cost while its exploitation represents 80%! D-One, contrary to a classical BMS approach, acts on one hand on energy savings, and, on the other, on maintenance, quality of life on the workplace and on optimisation of work spaces. Operating within this global approach will generate gains 10 times higher than a conventional one. D-One increases the BIM model value by using it in the exploitation phase.


A user-oriented solution

D-One answers specifically to the needs of different building stakeholders. Through diagnostic and maintenance services, the facility manager provides occupants with the required comfort, reduces maintenance time and ensures the devices operate correctly. The reporting dashboards allow the facility manager to follow the building’s energy consumptions reliably and respect the performance commitments (contracts, certifications, regulations). The owner, on the other hand, has the possibility to increase the value of his real estate by integrating more services in his building and optimising spaces and occupancy. It provides comfort control functions, energy performance monitoring tools, security and indicators on the use of the building. Engineering offices will be able to value the energy performance result in relation to the thermal study